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Agates from Krakow Vicinity
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Johann Zenz: AGATES

Johann Zenz: AGATES

Johann Zenz: AGATES
2014 Limited Edition

After many years of being out of sale you now have the chance to complete your AGATES triology or to start off new! The legendary book AGATES (part I) by Johann Zenz is back in a brand-new 2014 edition! Limited by only 1.000 copies.
656 pages, more than 2.000 pictures, 24x28 cm. 89,- Euro plus shipping.

The first 100 customers will get a copy signed by the author, Johan Zenz - so be quick and order your copy today!

What readers say:

These words come immediately to mind after my first, fairly quick 2 hour review. But they don’t BEGIN TO COME CLOSE to describing how beautifully crafted this work is.  I was completely taken aback by the exquisite quality, its comprehensive nature and absolutely MIND BLOWING SPECIMENS!!!  As most collectors, I have my favorites and focus.  But my eyes have been opened to an even wider world of agates.  I can’t begin to imagine how long this took to assemble. But please rest assured all your sweat and hard work have resulted in something that will educate, thrill, inspire and encourage collectors young and old all over the world for generations to come.  And that’s a fact.
Steve Wheeler

I received my copy of AGATES, and what a beautiful work of art it is! This must be THE definitive book on agates! The pictures are absolutely stunning, and I am still trying to get my mind round the spiral agate on page 88. I really congratulate you on a splendid achievement and I am very proud to have made a small contribution. Of course, I have only skimmed through it as yet and am looking forward to reading it from cover to cover. I shall be updating our web-site soon and I intend to give your book a plug on the "What's new?" page.
Robin Field
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