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Aris, Namibia - Mineralogy of the famouse alkaline phonolithe

Aris, Namibia - Mineralogy of the famouse alkaline phonolithe

Uwe Kolitsch, Günter Blass a.o. (published 2016)

16,5 x 23,5 cm, 96 pages, softbounded, plus CD with 350 photos includet. Limited edition: only 250 copies. English language.

Few active collecting localities all over the world show a mineralogical paragenesis so complex and multiform as the two phonolite quarries in Aris, located approximately 25 km south of Windhoek, in Namibia. You can compare them to other similar alkaline localities such as Saint-Amable Sill (Varennes, Québec, Canada), Point of Rocks (New Mexico, USA), the alkaline massifs of Kola Peninsula and, partially, Mont-Saint-Hilaire (Québec, Canada). Aris is the second world locality for kozoite-(La) and tuperssuatsiaite and the third for korobitsynite. Nowadays it is the type-locality for five mineral species: arisite-(Ce), arisite-(La), ellingsenite, sazhynite-(La) and windhoekite. At present, there are 99 valid characterized mineral species. There are about ten minerals of the mineralogical phases, including potentially new species currently under examination, and ten species whose presence is uncertain.
This booklet is the English translation, courtesy of the authors and publisher Rainer Bode, of two papers printed in the issue 1/2014 of the German journal MINERALIEN-Welt. The original paper was integrated with insights, supplements, revisions and additions, based in part on the analyses performed by Pavel M. Kartashov on samples collected by GOM (Gruppo Orobico Minerali) members during the 2011 Namibia expedition. An Italian edition has been already published in the third issue of the journal Micro.
The aim of this book is to compile a compendium, as current as possible, about an alkaline locality of global significance, that produced, in the last years, new findings and new species for which it is the type locality. The papers published in German on the journal MINERALIEN-Welt are, to date, among the most updated and exhaustive. Thanks to the friendly courtesy of the German editor, consolidated in the Curnasco meeting of June 7th 2015, and with the collaboration of the Micro editor Marco E. Ciriotti, it was decided to extend an English version of the document first to Italians and then to English speaking collectors. The papers show the mineralogical wealth and glamour of this site, one of the most interesting Namibian localities.

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